Southern Caribbean Brachiopods off Colombia

Modern ad fossil brachiopod faunas from Colombia have not been studied extensively. This paper examines recent material collected from deep-water coral environments (90–250 m) located off the San Bernardo Archipelago. The studied material comprises four species, two of which are new records for Colombia: Terebratulina cailleti Crosse, 1865 and Tichosina plicata Cooper, 1977. The genus Tichosina comprises twenty extant species occurring across the Caribbean.  The species Tichosina bullisi Cooper, 1977 and Tichosina dubia Cooper, 1977 were synonymized with Tichosina plicata Cooper, 1977.


Currently, I’m investigating the space dynamics between deep-water corals habitats and brachiopod occurrences in Cenozoic and present-day oceans.

Cretaceous Brachiopods from Colombia


During the last few years a series of papers on the Cretaceous brachiopods from Colombia have been carried out . The new data will help to elucidate the biogeographic history of the Andean region, the structure and palaeoecology of its marine communities.

Santa Sofia.JPG

Santa Sofia locality, Boyacá Province of Colombia.