July 16, 2018

Network-based Structural Analysis of Sedimentary Basins


Understanding the biosedimentary response of marginal marine systems to relative sea-level changes is critical for several theoretical and applied questions. At the basin-level, it is generally evaluated based on a sequence-stratigraphic interpretation of the sediment succession. Such a time-environment conceptualization requires chronologically well-constrained successions to enable precise stratigraphic correlations. I am taking advantage of the network science to understanding the modular structure of a depositional basin, independently of the sequence stratigraphic interpretation, by mapping information flows directly through the sediment succession. I am developing a case study on Quaternary sediments of the Po Plain in southern Italy that illustrates how a networks-based analysis of core data may reveals some modular patterns in the basin structure that cannot be retrieved from standard methods.


July 05, 2018

Stratigraphic Paleobiology Field Course – University of Georgia

I attended the Stratigraphic Paleobiology Field Course sponsored by the Paleontological Society. Taught by Mark E. Patzkowsky and Steven M. Holland.

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