August 08, 2018

The macrofossil collection of the Devonian Floresta Formation at the National Pedagogic University (UPN)

Paleontological collections constitute an important component of our geoheritage. These ex-situ natural-history archives are valuable resources for scientic research, formal and non-formal education, and provides numerous indirect uses. Despite a renovated interest in nonrenewable geological assets, most paleontological collections in Colombia remain uncatalogued and housed under suboptimal conditions. In addition, there is a lack of studies measuring the quality of those collections countrywide, thereby making it difficult to objectively assessing their heritage values and to justify the financial support needed for their maintenance. I am working on a Fast Track Assessment protocol to evaluated non-curated paleontological collections in Colombia. Currently, I am working on a case study on the Devonian Floresta Fm. (Colombia, South America) in collaboration with students and professors from the Universidad Pedagogica Nacional de Colombia (UPN).